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Customizing Gutenberg: Lessons Learned at Georgetown

The new Gutenberg editor comes with so many great content blocks. However, what if your editors have special use cases for their content that cannot be easily created with Gutenberg’s out-of-the-box blocks? At Georgetown, we have created a series of custom Gutenberg blocks in an effort to address our editors’ unique content needs.

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Accessible Web Development

We develop websites for everyone to use, so why not make sure that everyone is able to use our sites? We as developers need to plan for accessibility before we write our first line of code.

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Accessible Development Class

In addition to my Accessible Development conference talk, I have also lead a class for fellow Georgetown staff members about how to develop web sites in an accessible manner.

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Design Tools

Slide deck from my mini class for new web developers on different design tools.

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Introduction to SVG

Notes and example code for my introductory lecture about creating and using SVGs.

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Introduction to Ember

Notes and example code for my introductory lecture about using Ember.js.

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CSS Navigation

Video lecture tutorial on how to create a multi-level website navigation with only HTML and CSS.


Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Joni. I am a senior Javascript front-end web developer for Georgetown University in Washington DC. I specialize in developing CMS themes and Javascript applications, and have spent the last 15+ years building solutions for higher education, e-commerce corporations, non-profit organizations, and technology companies. When I am not geeking out over code, you can find me running or baking (post-run) cookies.

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